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H Series (Horizontal Type Cooling)

DMIX H Series Mixers
As known the fist step of the PVC products are the mixing period.For getting a high quality final product you need a homogenous mix. Dermak Machinery is a leading company with its big experience and produces high quality PVC Mixers 
Dermak developed new type of cooler mixer Coolmax for the best homogenization and high capcity.
Fields that used Dermak PVC Mixers;
PVC Window & Door Profiles
PVC Waste Water Pipes
PVC Cables
PVC Cable Channels
PVC Curtain Rails
PVC Water Isolation Membranes
PVC Shoe and Slipper Soles
PVC Hoses
PVC Panels
PVC Floor Covers
PVC Shrink Films
PVC Foils

Similar Products

Laboratory Mixers

Labaratory mixers are used in new formulation tests and R&D studies.They are produced between 10-50 kg capacities


Mixer Loading and Extruder Feeding Systems

As important the quality of the mixing,the storage of the mixed material and the extrusion feeding is also important.